Many thanks to the wonderful and talented people who the  for Therry’s June musical, Holiday Inn.

On behalf of the audition panel, Therry President Jill Bartlett announced the cast on Friday, 29 December 2017.

Jim                                       Brady Lloyd        

Ted                                      Lindsay Prodea

Lila                                       Nikki Gaertner Eaton

Danny                                   Andy Trimmings

Linda                                     Lauren Scarfe

Louise                                   Kate Anolak

Charlie                                  Luca Camozzato or Charlie Zorkovic


Chelsey Webb, Stanley Tuck, Andy Trimmings, Jemmah Sims, Claire Schofield, Lauren Noble, Emily

McEvoy, Claire McEvoy, Georgina Lumb, Sam Lowe, Sean Hilton, Talia Gaertner-Jones, Elisa England, Jack

Doherty, Sahra Cresshull, Sarah Barker and Melody Abram.


Congratulations to the entire cast and ensemble.